24/09/2022 - 05/11/2022

On the occasion of the 32nd International Biennial of Antiques in Florence, Frascione Arte and Aria Art Gallery present Timelessness from 24 September to 5 November 2022, an exhibition that erases the space-time dimension and enriches ancient and contemporary masterpieces with new meanings.

Timelessness will present about 30 works and will be divided into the exhibition spaces of both galleries: Gold, a spark through the ages at Frascione Arte and The echo of eternity at Aria Art Gallery. The exhibition at Frascione Arte will accompany the visitor to discover the different use of gold from the fourteenth century to the present day. It will be possible to observe the techniques of gold leaf, punching, engraving and gilded ceramic and its developments over the centuries. Among the works we remember two plates with a gold background, one depicting the Madonna and Child, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Jerome (1475-80 ca.) by Benvenuto di Giovanni and the other Territorio de ternura (2018) by the contemporary Spanish painter Salustiano.

At Aria Art Gallery, on the other hand, the observer will have the opportunity to overcome the rigidity imposed by the history of art and academic movements to rediscover the lost integrity of the artwork in an exhibition that combines paintings from the seventeenth century, including a splendid portrait by Justus Suttermans, to works by national and international contemporary artists such as Gabriele di Matteo, Beatrice Gallori and Szymon Oltarzewski.

Among the contemporary artists on display, carefully selected by the curator Nataša Radojević for both galleries, there will be works by Arnaldo Pomodoro, Salustiano, Miloš Todorović and Carole Feuerman.