Szymon Oltarzewski



Szymon Oltarzewski was born in 1977 in Lesko, Poland. His career began in 1996, when “Beta”, an advertising agency in Gliwice, decided to represent him, sponsoring his drawings and paintings. From 1999 to 2002, Oltarzewski studied with the sculptor Marek Spiewla, attending at the same time the study of Witold Berus, where he learned to draw from nature and the great masters of art history. In 2002 he graduated at the University of Opole in Environmental Engineering and the following year he moved to Pietrasanta, Italy. After having studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, he collaborated with Antonio Luchinelli for “Forma Studio”. In 2009 he started his collaboration with Aria Art Gallery and in the same year he held his first solo-exhibition, “Do not Touch”, at the gallery’s venue in Pietrasanta. In 2011 he showcased at the Luxury Resort Bottaccio in Montignoso, near Massa, in the personal “Marble’s Shapes” and, the following year he presented his works at the Tenuta Cerri, with an exhibition curated by Rudolf Gutlich. In 2016 he returned to display his sculptures to the public in the spaces of Aria Art Gallery, this time in the venue of Florence, with the personal exhibion “Alienante”.

Since 2010, Szymon is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculpture. He currently lives and works in Pietrasanta.

His works come to light from big-dimensioned blocks and carry the echo of organic shapes: they remind of cells, bodies and allude to them, with smooth movements and surfaces. The decontextualization of these elements, usually parts of a whole, amplifies their resonance in the eyes of the spectator. Oltarzewski tells the story of the evolution of these bodies, by nature subjected to caducity, through a material that it but caducous, almost transforming its pieces into small modern monuments.


  • Alienante Firenze - Aria Art Gallery from 29/04/2016 to 11/06/2016