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Beatrice Gallori is an Italian artist.

Beatrice Gallori was born in Montevarchi in 1978. She got her Certificate in Classical Studies at the Cicognini Institute in Prato in 1996. In 2001, her passion for fashion and design led her to attend the Polimoda Institute in Florence. As she studied fashion, she developed an appetite for experimenting with painting: her first works portrayed her natural ability to use matter, conferring width and life to her canvases, through both instinct and emotional drive, using recycled materials.

​In 2009 she was part of the collective Arte in Vetrina-Prato, giovani talenti emergent. Following this experience, she started to conceptualize her work, focusing on the possibility to create motion on canvas in an attempt to freeze and display the momentum. So her first sculptures of the third dimension were born, drips of paint trapped in a timeless dimension, crystallized in the fragment of an instant, before their drop. In 2011, one of her “drips”, Milk Walking, was chosen by art critic Arturo Schwartz for the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art auction in Milan, to support the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. In the same year she took part to Art Verona and then to the project Artisti a KM 0 in the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Museum in Prato, displaying her work and a video entitled I miei respiri.

Her endeavours with galleries and exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, intensified. In 2013, she started collaborating with the Armanda Gori Arte gallery (PO) which took her work to various art fairs and broadened her audience. Her work evolved and matured. Her canvases were masterful works with monochromatic, essential and pure materials.

In 2015 she exhibited at the Contemporary and Modern Art Town Gallery in Arezzo with the shows Evolve-ING and Plastica Italiana; Photissima in Venice; Microscope at the Armanda Gori Arte Gallery in Pietrasanta; BIOsphere at the Mural Painting Museum in Prato. A personal exhibition at the Riccardo Costantini Contemporary art gallery in Turin entitled #differences. She collaborated with Lara & Rino Costa Arte Contemporanea (Valenza) and Riccardo Costantini Contemporary (Turin) which showcased her work at the ArteFiera in Bologna in 2016 and other art fairs, introducing her to both the national and international market.

In 2016, her work titled BOOM became part of the permanent collection of the Bocconi University in Milan; she showed The Cell in the Vecchiato Arte gallery in Padua and her solo show, CORE, opened at the Lu.C.C.A. Museum. In March 2017 she presented at the Gallery Lara & Rino Costa of Valenza her personal exhibition titled m(others). In January 2018 she presented at La Triennale di Milano with her personal exhibition Biological Rules of the cycle Materialmente. Also in January she presents at ArteFiera Bologna an installation titled Gaze. At the beginning of 2018, she collaborated with the AriaArt Gallery participating in the group exhibition in Florence and in the personal, Emotion Capture, at the Istanbul venue in April. Her works are present in various Italian and international private and public collections.

Her work gravitated around the cell and its mutations in the form of still frames of molecular motion which gave her the opportunity to delve into human differences and life itself. In 2018 Beatrice Gallori shifted her research also in the field of sculpture that she made with recycled wood and polymer. This creates sculptures that float between mirrors in a game of balance between spherical forms and monoliths, to underline the precariousness of life.