Under the Surface

21/04/2023 - 10/06/2023

Aria Art Gallery is pleased to present Beatrice Gallori’s solo exhibition entitled “Under the Surface”, curated by Domenico de Chirico, in Borgo SS. Apostoli 40/r, Florence, from Friday 21 April to Saturday 10 June 2023.

Following the success of her last solo exhibition at the MARCA museum in Catanzaro in 2022, the artist will exhibit a collection of unpublished works created through the use of different materials and reproducing, in a constant but different manner, the characterising element of the “cell”, a fundamental point for an artistic debate that focuses on space and the inalienable convergence between the external and internal worlds.

Gallori’s art, experiencing the surface, is characterised by the adoption of a multiplicity of overlapping layers that reveal, through the investigation of the dynamism and transformation of reality, the absence of time, to be understood, the latter, as the union between past and present.

The title of the exhibition “Under the Surface” reveals a further key to Gallori’s artistic practice, highlighting her predilection for a deeper and more rigorous exploration of matter. The new supports used, such as wooden frames and mirrors, become an indispensable part of the work itself and are charged with their own meaning.
The new steel works are now bathed in paint that transpires indissoluble elements but which, through the pearly and metallic colours, find new breaths.

As the title suggests, Gallori develops her personal technique and weaves a web of relationships between matter and human being that extends from the smallest of details to the largest connections. Beatrice Gallori’s work has often expressed itself through three-dimensional volumes and for the first time she also communicates through voids that themselves become an integral part of the work.