24/05/2022 - 10/07/2022

Aria Art Gallery is pleased to present Sossio’s personal exhibition “Self-Transformism”, a title that heralds the manifest of a new cultural movement, of which the artist is one of the main exponents. Sossio’s works are inspired by the innovative and revolutionary thought of Elio D’Anna, writer, philosopher, entrepreneur, poet and musician, and will be presented at the Florence gallery in Borgo SS. Apostoli 40 / r Tuesday 24 May at 6.30 pm, curated by Antonio Budetta.

“Self Transformism” is an “Individual Revolution”, a movement that places the individual as the only creator of their own reality, which is reflected in the world of events according to their state of being. In this way, Sossio’s paintings represent a dynamic transformation of the inner world, a journey into a dream in which the artist, in the absence of fear, hunts for his own shadows. Through the use of a low, medium and high figurative and figural density, such as a malleable use of typological and chromatic changes in entrepreneur, they are able to capture the reflection of the inner order, to transform the states of being into matter, conceiving with every gesture in a paradoxical challenge of revealing a forgotten flawlessness.

Each individual has an impossible task to achieve, an event to be transformed and here the artist must renounce his copyright by placing himself as an instrument of “Will”. The observer can admire and discover himself canceling any distance, any conflict, any division.
Brushes, plastics and fabrics are used as a support for dabbing shapes and colors. The canvases are worked by creating and weaving volumes that allow colors and lines to find their own harmony through a complex formal structure, in a dynamic form.

Sossio uses the canvas as a wall of memories from which he erases any figurative description in order to recite with indelible colors, a message free from any preconception.

With the Patronage of Comune di Firenze
In collaboration with European School of Economics, Il Bottaccio