Milos Todorovic's Solo Exhibition

01/05/2021 - 07/08/2021

Aria Art Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition SPECULUM by Miloš Todorović, that will take place in the Florentine venue from Saturday 1st of May to the 7th of August 2021, in collaboration with Drina Gallery and Logic Art Space.
Stimulated by the period of residence in the empty and silence Renaissance city of Florence, the Serbo-French artist searches for ways of devising the portrait to the point where he eliminates all that seems superfluous to him. He leaves only a glance on the canvas – a portrait on a mirroring background presented through only one life sized EYE. His pictorial process is reversed, forms are created through light rather than shadow, where a single subject, the eye, follows the viewer, creating a feeling of invisible presence of mutual gazes. Faces of lives lived can be seen and imagined through the sharp brushstrokes that outline floating eyes. These individuals, immersed in different shades of blue, represent a cultural heritage that blends with contemporary expressive minimalism.
Each image carries a secret, something mysterious and unfathomable that may not be labeled or fully explained, hidden beneath the mist, between the terrestrial and sublime.
Energy vibrations pulse in strong rhythm, going beyond the boundary of the visual, indulging in the power of silence and the intensity of emptiness.
The emotive scheme is further amplified by the 3D audio installation by Augustine Leudar.
The sixteenth-century garden offers another challenge to Milos, a site-specific intervention that should represent the history of the place where he exhibits.

With the Patronage of:
Comune di Firenze

curated by:
Nataša Radojević and Antonio Budetta

In Collaboration with:
Drina Gallery e Logic Art Space

European school of EconomicsIl Bottaccio

I GreppiTargetti – Studio Benelli