Everybody Is You

Giorgio Batocci's Solo Exhibition

02/10/2020 - 28/11/2020

“Everybody is You” is a site specific project by Giorgio Bartocci, where the artist will create personalised art pieces dedicated for Aria Art Gallery Florence. The exhibited works will gather three visions of Giorgio’s own artistic research achieved through his most recent process of technique and style.

Starting from the charming garden, the exhibit will welcome the viewer in a new dimension, in which people and the environment around them are perceived as part of a single being. The exhibition turns into a communicative atmosphere where the differences between individual and universal disappear, letting who’s watching drift away from time and space, to a place where schemes dissolve.

The artworks are created using the same techniques practised by the artist in his work of Street Art, release bright energy through fluid metallic shapes, thought as “conductors”, which are deeply linked to the liquid signs made of colours the artist chose from the streets of Florence. The golden, silver or copper shining surfaces wind the space around them with their ability to transmit, reflecting a conscience that is both subjective and collective.

In between the bodies of colours something emerges, traces of individuals who are primordial and contemporary at the same time, who merge back into a human shape that was broken and lost through time. These shapes bring with them our past and our future, they emerge in-between the layers of tonal levels hinting the viewer to live in the present, since the present is the only time we can perceive, but gets somehow lost in the rapid flow characterising our society.

The atmosphere is dynamic and changing, singular and plural are represented as whole being with an ambivalent power. Thus codes, symbols and messages held inside the artist’s works can be seen in a multidirectional way, hinting a new perception of what surrounds us.

“Everybody is you” is an equanimous dimension of liquid time and stretched space, in which the viewer will be able to discover a dialogue between human beings, nature and architecture through art.