MIA Photo fair

Milan Image Art fair

22/03/2023 - 26/03/2023


This thought-provoking project delves into the relationship between reality and perception, and how art can challenge and redefine our understanding of this connection.

Igor Eškinja captures the transformation of objects from two-dimensional to three-dimensional through his elegant and modest architectonics of perception. Meanwhile, Giuseppe Pietroniro examines the interplay of shadows and absence reflected and multiplicated in empty architecture. Michelangelo Bastiani merges the real and virtual, creating a third dimension where nature and artificiality coexist. Edoardo Dionea Cicconi works between art & science, investigating the concept and perception of “time”.  In his last monumental installation, he captured the true colors of the aurora borealis in digital form, creating a sculpture of light in the sky. Fabrizio Corneli’s Halo series blurs the line between the visible and invisible. The abstract silhouettes emit a soft, spherical iridescence that resembles a halo, imbuing an immeasurable and immanent appearance of energy.

Curated by Nataša Radojević