Giuseppe Pietroniro



Giuseppe Pietroniro (1968, Canada) was trained under the guidance of Ettore Spalletti during his high school years in Pescara and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. After a brief stay in New York, he returned to Rome and worked as an assistant in Joseph Kosuth’s studio. Pietroniro uses different mediums – photo- graphy, drawing, installation, and sculpture. He uses a range of different metals in his work. Each element has a specific symbolic component and a range of different characteristics that visually embody the pos- sibility of making reality malleable, discovering material levels, and playing with illusory spaces. Pietroniro’s research focuses on perspective perception, creating new points of view, and the “archaeological” use of collages made of layers and juxtapositions. His artistic research starts from a conceptual analysis of reality. Through his art, Pietroniro investigates reality as a form of illusion and staging.