Edoardo Dionea Cicconi



Edoardo Dionea Cicconi is an Italian artist working with installations, sculptures, sound and other media. Addressing universal themes often in an interactive way, he tries to find a synthesis between art & science, investigating the concept and perception of “time”. Cicconi’s series “XYZT”, influenced by contemporary physicists such as Carlo Rovelli, attempts to summarise the concepts of space and time and to establish a dialogue between its phases (past, present and future) and their changes. The surface, straight and sharp, has a peculiarity: at times it reflects reality by distorting it. The image flexes and then returns to its initial appearance. This “kinetic mirrors” actually moves, catching the viewer – whose image becomes distorted, disappears, and then reappears – by surprise. Viewers will “disappear” and blend in with the surrounding space. Like a sort of black hole, where everything becomes dense inside and where, even today, no one knows where this totality will end up.

In his last monumental installation, he captured the true colors of the aurora borealis in digital form, creating a sculpture of light in the sky.