Timelessness 2019

Old Masters and Contemporary Art Group Exhibition

21/09/2019 - 30/12/2019

The new exhibition, now in its third edition, will be presented at the 40th edition of the Biennale of Antiques, to be held in Florence at Palazzo Corsini. A journey through the heart of the Renaissance city, across three different locations including the former Borgherini Palace and garden, now Rosselli del Turco, and ZUC (Creative Utopian Zone), adjacent to Piazza Ognissanti.

Timelessness is the exhibition that cancels the Space-Time dimension and enriches ancient and contemporary masterpieces with new meanings.

The exhibition combines works of art from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with those of national and international contemporary artists, in this journey the works of art are a kind of gateway, an opening not only for the artist, but for the observer who aspires to overcome the descriptions imposed by the History of Art and academic movements to rediscover and regain its lost integrity.

We cite a thought of the Founder of Aria Art Gallery and the European School of Economics, the British institution that will host the exhibition and that fully represents the theme of “Timelessness”: “It is in this precise moment that the Universe takes shape, and you, child of time, are part of it… and always You, in the absence of time, are the Author. At this very moment you are the absolute author of all works of art that have been created and that you will create, the author of all the lives lived and those you will live, the creator of all existing truths”. (Elio D’Anna)

The sculptures and paintings interact with each other through a sort of symbolic resonance in which the past is revealed to be an imaginary story and the history of Art, with all its descriptions, mere imagination.

“In the absence of time you are the one who writes the plot of a comedy in which the characters recite a script dictated by your own imagination. There is no one else and nothing else outside the Now. It’s All your wonderful invention. Everything happens right now ”. “The past is the future turned upside down. A work of art, an event, an experience that we believe belongs to the past is actually one of your creations that manifests itself at the very moment you observe it. It’s like injecting liquid light on that work. Timelessness is the brightness that cancels the mere description of the past and the future “. (Elio D’Anna)

Organized by:

Aria Art Gallery

ZUC – Zone Utopiche Creative

Giorgio Baratti Antiquario

With the Patronage of “Comune di Firenze”

In Collaboration with:

European School of Economics

Barbara Paci Gallery

Minotauro Fine Art Gallery

Nexus Edizioni