Cristiano Pintaldi



Cristiano Pintaldi was born in 1970 in Rome. He currently lives and works in Rome.

Since 1991, Pintaldi has been painting using only red, green and blue on black backgrounds, arranging them together in the same way the pixels are digitally organized to give life to pictures on a TV screen. The subjects chosen come from pop mass culture, TV programs, cartoons, and Stanley Kubrick’s movies.

Cristiano Pintaldi’s research starts from an accurate study of the construction of the image within the video-space, to then render it on canvas simulating the same procedures through paint. In fact, his approach to the paintings follows the scrambling logic that is typical of electronic images, where the pixel is the single unit of information displayed on the screen.

The pixels that Pintaldi reproduce on his canvases are handcrafted. The artist’s work represents a new type of vision stimulated by the digital reality, often more present and pervasive than the “real” one, with an aim of highlighting the fact that on-screen images are not as boundless as they may seem, but reducible to a single dot containing only red, green and blue.

The pictorial work requires extreme precision and a long execution time, which is a paradox compared to the speed with which pixels produce the image in the video space.

Pintaldi’s first solo exhibition, “Trasmissioni”, was held in Rome in 1991 at the Galleria 2RC, curated by Luigi Scialanga. The shows “Avvistamenti” follows in 1992, still in Rome, at the Galleria Sprovieri curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.

He exhibited his works in major museums in Rome, such as MAXXI, Macro Testaccio, Galleria Nazionale d’ Arte Moderna.

In 2011, Cristiano Pintaldi has presented “Lucid Dreams”, a solo exhibition curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, as part of the official program of collateral events during the Venice Biennale.