Alienante – Warsaw

Szymon Oltarzewski's Solo Exhibition

03/12/2016 - 15/01/2017


Aria Art Gallery, in collaboration with Galerie Apteka Sztuki are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the solo exhibition of Szymon Otarzewski, from the title “Alienacje” that it will be held in Warsaw, in Al. Wyzwolenia 3/5, in date December 3 rd 2016, beginning from 18:00 and to which will be present also the artist.

To my first contact with the work of Szymon Otarzewski, the Polish sculptor who lives in Italy, I was immediately struck and seduced by his expressive force. It was about his sculptures “Alienating” in the Aria Art Gallery in Florence. The artist introduced works with soft forms, delicate and almost without weight, like a piece of fabric carved in a hard, cold and demanding matter. It is as if the sculptor expressed a perishable world in an unalterable matter. Visiting that exhibition I have had three immediate calls, very personal. The first one, the juvenile reading of the book about the life of Michelangelo, “La pietra e la sofferenza” of the Czech writer Karel Schulz, a little known. “The whole content of the life is contained in the heart of the man”.

The sculpture doesn’t constitute only the domination of the subject but the representation of the internal life, the explosion of the tension, the rush of the fire of the soul, something that must be expresses and to take form if the artist must live for ever.” The second call referred to the imaginary and strange world, created by the surrealist Swiss painter Hans Ruedi Giger for “Alien”, the famous film of science fiction of Ridley Scott. However Oltarzewski, calling his exhibition “Alienating”, he has not tried to hide his charm for this world of “Alien”, lived by sensual and unreal creatures. A world that he found also in Dali’s paintings.

The third call, finally, to Igor Mitoraj, the great Polish sculptor, lived in Pietrasanta as Oltarzewski. Both the artists have made the choice to create the works using the noblest material, the marble of Carrara, a demanding material that highest artistic ability requires. I’m happy that we can invite you to discover this artistic world in the gardens and in the atrium of the embassy of Poland as Schulz wrote:
“It doesn’t constitute only the domination of the subject but the representation of the internal life”.

Tomasz Orłowski
Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the Italian Republic