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Lorenzo Malfatti was born in 1959 in Viareggio (Italy) where he still lives and works.

After completing high school he explored various creative fields ranging from music and theater to restoration. His true passion, however, remains the art of drawing, which his painter father passed on to him. Throughout his childhood, Lorenzo spent countless hours in his father’s studio where he became familiar with ink, oil paint and turpentine. He started to become interested in decoration and developed a singular attraction to the world of glass. During the 1980s he began a long period of study, research and experimentation that led to his first works of fused glass, assemblage on painted wood and the production of sculptures exploiting fused glass. Since 1986 he began to present his first works on painted wooden support molten glass inserts, as well as some polymateric sculptures also containing vitreous casting elements. It is through a private and personal alchemy, known only by the artist, overlapping macerated and properly treated, torn, remanufactured and glued papers that join the fragments of fabric, jute, spaghetti and fibers of glass that blend with filaments and metal fragments that reveal faint and intriguing flashing glows here and there between the oil pigments and acrylic paints. All this is still treated with fixatives and paints that seal this layer of heterogeneous materials and for this vital, mobile, often a mosaic arrangement of colored stains or areas where the artist plays fine tone on tone, create a vibrant surface, while still in its static, safe and refined expressive synthesis.

He took part in several group exhibitions and in 1997 he presented his first personal exhibition. Since then he has been active primarily as a painter preferring to work on large canvases supported by a wooden frame. Since 2000 he has been one of the main participants of the Arte Daniele Lucchetta in Venice where his works are on permanent display and where he has already held two personal exhibitions. In 2007 he was introduced to Aria Art Gallery where he realized an important personal exhibition creating a glass installation presented for the first time with video projection and music.

In October 2008 he exhibited in Brussels at the G. Berkowitsch gallery. In March of 2009 the artist commenced a research project in collaboration with NEST (the National Enterprise for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Scuola Superiore Normale di Pisa) into the interaction between light and glass, creating new technology for the internal illumination of his piece “Monolite”. In June of 2010 the artist presented a personal exhibition at the the Aria Art Gallery in Florence titled “Macrocosmi”.