Lorenzo Malfatti - Sergio Fortuna Duo Solo Exhibition

03/09/2009 - 18/10/2009

The catalog of the exhibition “Macrocosmi” will be presented on Saturday September 11, at 6 pm at Aria Art Gallery. The curator and artists will attend the event.

On Thursday, September 2 at 19:00, at the Aria Art Gallery, inaugurates the exhibition “Macrocosmi” by Antonio d’Amico. The project was born from the collaboration of two artists Lorenzo Malfatti and Sergio Fortuna, a journey on the identity of the real and the visual that gives the spectator a key to a journey enchanted within the most secret microcosms of the natural world. Various art disciplines blend in to create a magic of reflexes, colors and shades. Fortuna’s work has been completely realized inside a quarry, choosing the particular marble veining that is closest to Malfatti’s textures. Glass, the carrier of Malfatti’s poetics, connects with Fortuna shots in their first four-handed works.

Their details are ingenious and then transmuted to our gaze under “false lies”and if for Sergio Fortuna the photographic lens is the instrument with which to fascinate the visual microcosms, dwelling on marble walls in a discontinuous quarry, for Lorenzo Malfatti there is found in front of the dream interpretation of feelings, with unconscious awareness, where empathy of the real data does not constitute immediate contact with the finished work, and the root inspiration is no longer seen in its original essence.

The objective becomes subjective for both artistic experiences while retaining a sensitive ingenuity of natural suggestion that arises from the intention to give life to a creative dialogue between interpretive uniqueness and sensory frame of the soul embedded in the different cosmos of artistic emporium. Painting, sculpture, photography, different languages that seek to merge and dialogue with a single purpose: to liberate the primordial forces and tensions imprisoned by nature and evoke images as fantastic as the veridic.

Antonio D’Amico