Contemporary Istanbul 2013

Zhuang Hong Yi's Solo Exhibition

07/11/2013 - 10/11/2013


Dripping Reality

Curated by ARIA art gallery and Kerem Yagizioglu

During the 8th edition of Contemporary Istanbul the Florence based Aria art gallery will participate for the first time with a curatorial project exclusively conceived for the Turkish kermesse.
The show “Dripping Reality” presented by Aria art gallery and Kerem Yagizioglu will present two different but either complementary artistic personalities, through a series of magnificent sculptures by Carole A Feuerman shown in a magic stillness, surrounded by Michelangelo Bastiani a young a promettente Italian video artist. This 52sm booth will boverwhelme the observer inside a spiritual sense of reality, a world about balancing the visible and the invisible, the physical and the ethereal, reality and fiction.

Dripping Reality is a curatorial project about two artistic identities: Carole A. Feuerman, established and well known hyper-realistic sculptor and Michelangelo Bastiani, emergent video artist whose activity is focused on interactive video art and site installations.
This choice was made to represent two different generations of artists with complementary techniques, aimed to enhance the works of each other.

Feuerman is able to immortalize the intangible pose of the human body, taken from our everyday gestures, in order to discover the inner universality of a fleeting moment and its many facets.
Michelangelo leads us to a parallel sense of living, where you wish to get captured and absorbed, as diving inside an alternative emotional dimension.

The main intent of the water theme is to appear as the concept of the intangible; drops, waterfalls and pools take their place through poetic swimming figures inside an uncertain reality.

Resin sculptures will portray the human body through minimal details, fragmenting its parts, and leaving a wide space for the observer’s imagination, now even more as in deep interaction with a both calming and destabilizing water flux.

The intent is to involve the observer into this hyper unreal world, to bear down the attention a part from the outside, to understand once more that a perfect reality is a utopic concept, while as we walk close to the water waves start to shiver and we become part of it.