Windsor beauties

Tarik Berber's Solo Exhibition

12/06/2018 - 30/08/2018

Aria Art Gallery is pleased to announce Tarik Berber’s new solo exhibition, entitled “Windsor Beauties”, will be on view at Boğazkesen Cad. 21/A, İstanbul, on 12t of July 2018, at 8:00 pm.

As a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, at the capital of Renaissance Art, Tarik Berber has always been attracted and fascinated by the artists of that glowing period. His style and technique; arises within the teachings of the “Great Masters” from the past that the artist re-expresses in a contemporary way, developed over several years of artistic activity.

The artworks displayed in the exhibition are created and inspired by the portraits of Anna Hyde “Duchess of York” and her friends painted by Sir Peter Lely, a Dutch painter active in the UK around 17th century. The paintings of the exhibition “Windsor Beauties” portrays the female figures whose expressions are conveyed by the faces and, in particular, by their peculiar gazes. Berber’s work, generally, bears out an unremitting struggle between chaos and order, violence and thoughtfulness, savagery and sensitivity; supporting a conflictual and a diverse content implicated within his personal experience.


Tarik Berber was born in Banja Luka (Bosnia) in 1980. Due to the Yugoslavian War, as a child he left his own country and settled in Italy with his family. He took place in institutional exhibitions and important art fairs and gained recognition in a very early age. He now lives and works in London.