(W)hole New Level

06/12/2022 - 11/03/2023

Aria Art Gallery is pleased to present “(W)hole New Level” from 6 December 2022 to 11 March 2023, an exhibition that explores the infinite visible and invisible forms of the cosmos and analyzes the way we perceive them.

Since the dawn of its history, man has used symbols to explain what he does not know and art was one of the first tools he used to make sense of the world and find order in chaos. The human relationship with the unknown is the subject that Marko Lađušić and Aleksandar Vac investigate with their artistic work, hosted this year in the Serbian pavilion of the 23rd International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale with the theme “Unknown Unknowns ”.

Lađušić and Vac, together with other Serbian colleagues such as musician Dorian Jovanović, visual artist Marko Todorović and architect Ivan Mangov, have created the exhibition “Infinity of Structure” curated by Biljana Jotić and Nataša Radojević with the critical text by Domenico De Chirico.

Following the line of “Infinity of Structure” on 6 December 2022 the exhibition “(W)hole New Level” opens at the Aria Art Gallery in Florence, again curated by Nataša Radojević and with the contribution of Luka Tilinger who will animate the pictorial works of Lađušić through the use of augmented reality.

Plays of light and shadows, complex surfaces in which to immerse yourself set in motion by augmented reality, unlimited structures and proposals in rapid temporal succession. All this will be visible in the Florentine gallery where the meticulous textures of Lađušić’s creations and the virtuoso remodeling of the forms of Vac’s work will guide us to discover the unlimited ways in which nature presents itself before us. A contemporary context that will redefine the sensory perception of the viewer thus allowing him to discover new levels of meaning of the work of art.

Marko Lađušić (1967, Pelagićevo) is a sculptor, painter and multimedia artist. He works as a full professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where he lives, and is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. His work has no realistic basis and does not follow rules of exact proportions, his creative process is free and instinctive. Through three-dimensional images, color contrasts that create the impression of embroidery, dizzying perspectives, Lađušić breaks down the boundaries between painting and sculpture. His new cycle of paintings – present in Florence – is directly inspired by his childhood and the mental landscapes that have obsessed him since he was a child. Through stratifications of color – which sometimes reach more than fifty – the multiplication of microsystems that appear and disappear in a cyclical rhythm and the forms that extend deeply in all directions, the artist creates another dimension, an organic cosmos which has no definite centrality. In a continuous construction and deconstruction an orderly chaos comes to life. As the curator explains: “Marko’s work denies the determinism of the imagination and offers an alternative perception of reality […]. The large-scale compositions represent cycles of creation – the beginning and end of an endlessly repeating flow; a sunset that is the paradigm not only of death but also of rebirth, and in whose post-apocalyptic space the artist finds a distinct feeling, vital for escaping pessimism”.

Aleksandar Vac (Sremska Mitrovica, 1973) graduated in 2002 from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade specializing in ceramics. His research is aimed at discovering new and innovative ways to penetrate the earth and interact with its forms so as to discover its secrets. His works, in fact, are based on the remodeling of matter – starting from the ancient sealed technique – creating structures associated with reproduction, cell division and characterized by continuous multiplication. The artist’s goal is to replicate existing organic systems and ceramics proves to be the perfect tool for this purpose, allowing to produce the solid exterior from which the organic interiors are protected in which what is most vulnerable is hidden.

Partners in the organization and realization of “(W)hole New Level” are Logic Art Space, Drina Gallery, the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade and European School of Economics.

Photographies by Nemanja Maraš