Marko Lađušić



Marco draws inspiration from everyday’s life and childhood while striving to present the desired imaginary reality. With a recognizable artistic insignia, he constructs distinctive landscapes completely barren of realistic bases, recognizable motifs, and exact proportions. By searching for the truth through creation, he approaches the image instinctively and elaborates it along the way by direct experimentation – in contrary to the established postulates. His three-dimensional images – “structures” are constantly playing with perception and understanding, thus inviting the viewer to participate in the construction and discovery of limitless layers and meanings behind the artwork.

He approaches the coloring freely by using the whole palette and emphasizing complementarity and contrast. He deepens the layers of the image by deliberately contrasting colors, which often gives the impression of embroidery or dizzying perspectives that draw the viewer into a particular segment. Through the stratification he expresses his sculptural education and affinities – he strives for exact three-dimensionality, which separates him from all established principles in an innovative way – his paintings do not seem three-dimensional, they are it. He states that the sculpture is alive, vector, and determined and that it exists “per se”, at the moment the artist positions it into space – while the image is different – it’s never entirely objective. With that in mind, Lađušić literally builds his structures, thus breaking down the boundaries between the two arts.

Marko Lađušić takes part of the winning project ‘Infinity of Structure’, curated by Nataša Radojević and Biljana Jotić, that represents Republic of Serbia at the 23rd International Exhibition Triennale di Milano Unknown. Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries.