Vision and Reality

Carole A. Feuerman - Sossio Duo Solo Exhibition

10/03/2016 - 25/05/2016

“Whatever you see and touch, the entire business of the existence, all that is visibile, is just a projection of your inner being: the invisible”.
“Vision and reality are one and the same thing”, this is what the exhibition proposes when confronting two artists: Carole Feuerman and Sossio. The first artist, a hyperrealist sculptor, the second, an informal painter, become complementary in the desire to represent this inseparable identity between vision and reality.

The vision, the dream, is not lived through a surreal experience, but as a root of everything that exists and sustains the internal universe through a process of “auto-creation”. To dream is experienced as a breath of life and manifests itself in every expression in the world that you see and touch. The artist incarnates the capacity of every man to project and achieve every dream possible. He has the gift to be able to express a constantly changing present that has never before existed, but overall, he has in himself the source of immortality. We are the true creators of the world that surrounds us. These two artists seek to express this, to present to us the life in its twofold nature, in what the eyes see and in what the human being is – what it knows and what it creates.

Carole Feuerman’s women – the serene bathers, genuine as one may expect, move from a moment to another and although calm, they are dreamlike. They seem projected in another dimension, with eyes closed, a relaxed expression and timeless bodies. They invite us to dream with them, to make us feel what they feel. They want us to almost join hands and guide us through their vision.

Art, like life, is for Sossio an ideal reflection of the Dream that manifests itself in every detail like the entirety of the work as an alchemical transformation – a reversal that places you as a true and unique creator of the world in which you live. After few minutes of “observation” in front of one of Sossio’s works, it can catapult the absence of time in the unity of being which is the true cause of our “doings”, a therapeutic course towards a miraculous act of transformation of reality in a world of solutions and victories.

This exhibition is inspired by words and texts by Elio D’Anna, in particular his latest work,Technology of the Dreamer.