Timelessness 2015

Old Masters and Contemporary Art Group Exhibition

26/09/2015 - 29/11/2015

The exhibition originated from the importance of creating moments of reflection and comparison between history and our contemporary state of being. During the International Biennale of Antiques Fair, that will take place in Florence in Palazzo Corsini, Aria Art Gallery in collaboration with Giorgio Baratti Antiques Gallery, will present in its Florentine space an exhibition that highlights the inseparability between past and present, placing sixteenth and seventeenth century paintings and contemporary pieces side by side. ‘Timelessness’ wants to be the event where surprising elements and new interpretations can be added to ancient masterpieces, where new meanings can broaden contemporary artworks.

ARTISTS: Girolamo Forabosco, Nicola Samorì, Giovan Domenico Ferrucci ,Toiletpaper , Girolamo Troppa, Carole Feuerman , Filippo Gagliardi , Massimo Pulini, Luca Giordano , Massimiliano Pelletti , Bernardino Luini, Andrea Guastavino , Pfeiler Maximilian, Sossio

“When bread used to be baked at home, often once a week, a part of the dough was always put aside and covered by a wet rag before placing in the chest. That bit of living matter continued to ferment in the darkness and formed the necessary yeast for the following week’s dough. Thus, not only ideally, but also factually, the new loaf contained the DNA of all the bread that was baked before. A germinal and archetypical molecular kin links the present to the past, an element represented as the essential augmentative factor in creating the best result in the latest fresh and daily bread. The awareness of this process could be enough to assert that no piece of art blooms without a bulb, without a root, which keeps it in connection with a genealogy of many other art pieces. Sometimes this genetic heritage is so evident that it becomes similar, in other occasions histological samples are necessary to understand its belongings, but each artist has a mass of fertile generations behind himself and in some way, he has to gain a heritage that is not taken for granted. However, art keeps on living, accompanied by a never-ending nostalgia that has always appeared to us as a lack, as a vacuum, that we rather have to interpret as a feeling of belonging. We belong to a period (not only to a place) which, in its accomplishment, kneads itself with the whole past time. Maybe it is the contemporary energetic fire that bakes and takes bread out of the oven, which stops that millenary process of matter fermentation, securing the dough in a converted substance and marking an ideal point in space and time”.

Massimo Pulini