Shapes of Reality

Carole A. Feuerman's Solo Exhibition

30/04/2015 - 20/06/2015

Aria Art Gallery is glad to show in its spaces of Borgo SS Apostoli, a new and exciting solo exhibition by the American artist Carole A. Feuerman. The show will be open from April 30th until June 20th.

The artist looks at the Shapes of Reality and goes back to the Renaissance to rediscover beauty and elegance that are hidden behind each shape and, like the great personalities of antique art, she models emotions, impressing them into gazes, gestures and expression of dreaming faces. “Feuerman shapes the soul of her sculptures, which tells reality and so life”, as Antonio D’Amico writes in the catalogue, available in the gallery, “to underline how art, in its sculptural dimension, is an illusion of the natural and elevating nature, it equals it and even exceeds it”. It will be fascinating to walk by the works that are exhibited at the Aria Art Gallery to discover the procedure that leads the artist to “become a competitor against nature”.

Form the mould of men and women, to the creative fantasy of transforming what already exists, changing its elements: painted resin sculptures or bronze ones, life size ones, or on scale ones, amplifying their presence or reducing their intrusiveness. In any case, the attention for details is clear: locks coming out of the caps of the swimmers, well-defined lashes and eyebrows, darker or lighter spots on the skin and drops of water that slip naturally on wet bodies.

Usually closed in her New York studio to work, Carole A. Feuerman shows to the Florentine audience her hyperrealism, that she cared about for four decades, to give life to characters who are the mirror of moments of everyday life, into which anyone can even recognize his own experience. During the show her swimmers will be visible, boys and girls caught in different positions, from the diving position to the resting position on a rubber life-preserver or on a ball.

Feuerman’s career is full of important moments and steps, from when she was drawing the Rolling Stones’, Aretha Franklin’s and Alice Cooper’s album covers, up to the presence of her sculptures in the most important artistic institutions, like the Venice Biennal or the Ermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. Carole Feuerman is the only figurative artist who has installed this kind of sculptures even inside water. Among her most prestigious collectors, there are Bill and Hilary Clinton, His Majesty the Emperor of Japan and Henry Kissinger.