Light, deep, green

Light, deep, green Group Exhibition

20/03/2017 - 06/05/2017

Time and nature are two concepts, always tied up together. The first, a variable made by humanity to scan the vital rhythm that influences the human existence and to which everything is a subject whether animated or not. The second, the holding power that man has often tried to govern, the generating force, severe but calm.

Nature and time show themselves to us in the passing of the seasons, in the blooming, growing and perishing of unavoidable cycles, always faithful to themselves, always predictable, but at the same time, sometimes, surprising. Night becomes day, and day becomes night. The earth changes, seed become sprout, flower and plant. Child becomes man. Nothing apparently escapes from these dynamics, except the artist in his capability of disengaging himself from this condition.

In Arts the concept of time have been tackled from several points of view: the time of the artist during the creation of the artwork, during the formation of an idea in his consciousness and in its realization. The time of the spectator, from seeing the artwork appearing and materialising in his mind, to recognizing it as something that distinguishes itself from every other product. The time that is between these two moments, the one in which the artwork exists, absolute in it’s own right. We can’t say which moment prevails the others, which is the moment of the “truth”, which deserves more attention, because none of them can exist without the others. Thus we should consider the time of the artwork as the sum of all of these moments of reveal and assimilation in our consciousness. By doing so, we untie the artwork from time.

Considering the time of the artwork as the sum of these moments, we recognise in the artist the capability of eternalizing what he his doing, which escapes from our linear temporal conception to go toward a vertical conception. The artist is the one who, above the human being, makes the product immortal, creating the artwork. This is the main difference between the artist and the maker.

“Light, deep, green” is an exhibition that wants us to talk about it, through time, nature and their union in artwork. To do it, it leaves the word to three italian artists: Fabrizio Corneli, Federico Gori and Lucia Baldini.