Zhuang Hong Yi



Zhuang Hong Yi is a chinese contemporary artist.

Zhuang Hong Yi was born in 1962 at ShiChuan (China). Zhuang Hong Yi studies in China and then in 1990 moves to Netherlands where he comes in contact and gains the international european experience and inspiration. Even after many years in Europe, Zhuang still holds his studio in Beijing (China) where he returns a couple of times a years to work, collect materials and to get inspiration.

In the early Nineties Zhuang Hong Yi’s style continuously develops: he works in many different forms, shapes, but also in a variety of materials and sizes. In 1993 he shows his artworks in his first solo exhibition at Gallery Waalkens in Finsterwolde (The Netherlands), then, many other solo exhibitions follow it, such as: in 1997 at Gallery Patrick Gaultier in Quimper (France), in 2000 and in 2003 at Gallery Nanky de Vreeze in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), in 2007 at Osage Gallery in Hong Kong and at You Gallery in BeiJing (both in China), in 2010 at Keszler Gallery in New York City (USA), in 2015 at Modus Gallery in Paris (France) and at the Redsea Gallery in Singapore, in 2016 at Piermarq in Melbourne (Australia) and in 2017 at The Unit Gallery in London (UK). In the last years he takes partin different fiars, such as: in 2012, 2013 and 2014 in Tefaf in Maastricht (The Netherlands) and in Art Miami (USA), in 2013 in Venice Biennale (Italy).

Zhuang Hong Yi impresses audience in different countries by his unique style in his many pieces of contemporary art. His works represent beauty, sophistication and a high level of perfection with a clear presence of Chinese influence represented in his use of colors, themes, shapes and materials. His Chinese background is gracefully combined with strong Western allure, as the impressionist elements. He works with ink mixed traditional Chinese materials as acrylic, oil paint and rice paper, creating painting characterized by bright colors and considered three-dimensional. He also creates sculptures and art objects in wood, porcelain and metals.


  • In Bloom Firenze - Aria Art Gallery from 01/06/2012 to 09/09/2012