The Power of Doing

Sossio's Solo Exhibition

24/09/2010 - 31/10/2010

Aria Art Gallery, in collaboration with ARTGALERIM are pleased to present “The Power of Doing”, a solo exhibition by Sossio.

The painting for Sossio is the art of “Doing”, a travel into the “Dream” in which the artist, in the absence of fear, goes hunting for his shadows, thus aligning the outside inside and renouncing the search for a “style “, a” technique “or a” fashion “.The purpose is to capture the reflection of the inner order, to transform the states of being into matter procreating with every gesture, in the paradoxical challenge of revealing forgettable forgiveness.

The artist sees the outside world as a mirror that reflects the fragmented image of oneself and the aptitude of a warrior faces that adventure in search of his integrity. Art, as well as life, for Sossio is the real reflection of the Dream that manifests itself in every detail as the whole of the work with an alchemical transformation, a reversal that puts you as the true and only creator of the world in which you live.

A few minutes of “observation” in front of a work of Sossio can catapult you into the absence of time, in that unity of Being, which is the true cause of our “doing,” a therapeutic path towards a miraculous act of transforming reality in a world of solutions and victories. Everyone has an impossible task to accomplish, an event to be transformed and here the artist has to give up his copyright as a tool of the “Will”. Who observes, can admire and discover himself, thus nullifying every distance, every conflict, every division.