Icastica 2013

Carole A. Feuerman's Solo Exhibition

07/06/2013 - 01/09/2013

Aria Art Gallery is pleased to participate to ICASTICA 2013, the first Biennale exhibition of the contemporary Art in Arezzo.
Inauguration June 7 at 7:30 pm, Piazza Grande – Arezzo. From on June 8 to September 1, 2013.

Inside the exhibition, Aria Art Gallery present the American artist Carole Feuerman at:

Museo Statale dell’arte Medievale e Moderna, Via San Lorentino, 8
Palazzo Chianini Vincenzi, Via Cesalpino,15
Casa Museo Invan Bruschi Corso Italia, 14.

ICASTICA was born in Arezzo, in 2013: an international cultural initiative that blends the visual arts context with moments of performance, theater, dance, poetry, design, study days. Every summer the city is characterized by far-off characters and personalities but, thanks to the culture, not more distant. Almost fourty centers: museums, buildings, basilicas, square, streets, a historical center of 4 km invasion of active moments where you can live differently stasis of the province. The tourist photographs, tells, travels, the citizen smiles.

Thus the city remembers that it became from Renaissance: here and now the most prestigious art of the present, from half world, rediscovers Cimabue, Pietro Della Francesca, Giorgio Vasari. The most prestigious or innovative contemporary art contemplates the eternal of the past, referring on this, since the architectural context (with seats and spaces) is an expression of the Middle Ages of Arezzo and the art works are also the ones of the great Tuscan artists who have left in Arezzo the inestimable heritage of crucifixes or polyptychs of the 14th century and of frescoes of the fifteenth century. The consistency is the aim: the revival of the Arhetian image, of a city that has given birth to many illustrious historical figures. (Carducci docet!).

ICASTICA means “art to represent the reality.” Icàstico (adjective, from the Greek εἰκαστικός “representative”, derivation of εἰκάζω “to represent”) means effective, incisive, and therefore impressive, representation in this sense, synthetic. ICASTICA refers to something elastic, adaptable, that becomes tourism and economy: modern vitality, in short, in its form from to “recover” and to “re-evaluate.”

ICASTICA is a phenomenon; a new world or, maybe, a return to a new world.
ICASTICA means knowing art and recognizing a city.