The Power of Doing

Sossio's personal exhibition

20/02/2010 - 21/03/2010

Painting for Sossio is ‘The Power of Doing’ – a journey in ‘Dreaming’ in which the artist, in a state of suspension from all descriptions of the world around him hunts his own shadows, aligning the internal and exter- nal worlds and renouncing the search for any style, technique, or fashion. The aim is to capture one’s inner reflections and transform states of being into material, creating life with every gesture in this paradoxical challenge to reveal a forgotten impeccability.

The artist sees the external world as a mirror which reflects the fragmen- ted image of one’s own self, and he, like a warrior faces each image without justifying on the adventure of the search for his own integrity.

Ar t, as life itself, for Sossio, is the real reflection of his Dream which mani- fests itself in every detail as in the completed work with an alchemical transformation, a complete reversal of the world as it is most commonly seen, which upholds the observer as the real and only creator of the world he lives in.

Just a few minutes of ‘observation’ in front of Sossio’s works can transport the observer into ‘the absence of time,’ in that unity of Being which is the real cause of our ‘doing’ – a therapeutic pathway towards a miraculous act of transformation of reality in a world of solutions and victory.

Everyone has an ‘impossible dream’ to realize, an event to transform, and here the artist has chosen to renounce his copyright surrendering himself as an instrument of his own Will. As for the observer, he can look, admire and discover as he lets himself be led by the artist’s suggestion in the annulment of every distance, conflict and division.