21/09/2023 - 02/12/2023

Aria Art Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Lorenzo Malfatti, “L’Armonia degli Opposti (The Harmony of Opposites),” from September 21st to December 2nd at the Florence location in Borgo SS. Apostoli 40/r at 6:00 PM, with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence. This exhibition is characterized by the inclusion of a series of unpublished works, created through the application of the glass fusion technique, which constitutes the artist’s distinctive hallmark.

In the world of contrasts, where the nuances of human expression come to life, a subtle play between eternal apparent antagonisms manifests itself. Comparable to the fusion of water and fire in a perpetual rhythm, the artist embraces a profound vision: opposites are not separate entities but deeply intertwined, reflecting the multiple facets of a single reality. “The distinctive feature of the new humanism is the awareness of the illusory nature of opposites,” a proposition that finds resonance in Lorenzo Malfatti’s creations. Art assumes the role of a bridge, connecting the fire of passions and the calm of water, breaking down illusory barriers that divide good and evil, or true and false, beautiful and ugly. Like the extremes of the same pole, the opposing elements within his works merge into a symphonic embrace. The artist delves into the depths of the human psyche, revealing the disguise of appearances. What appears as a sharp and insurmountable contrast instead reveals its belonging to a higher order, a puzzle of meanings that come together to outline a broader picture.

Through Malfatti’s work, we perceive an uninterrupted harmonizing force. This force is not simply the fusion of opposing poles, but rather a celebration of unity within diversity. Water and fire, seemingly irreconcilable, converge in his works as metaphors for the human condition, revealing the beauty and complexity of existence in a state of perpetual metamorphosis. Glass, as well as color, plays a fundamental role in a pictorial process aimed at portraying two adversaries in search of identity, in the eternal quest for harmonization. In a world often prone to divisions and oppositions, the artist emerges as a shining example of how opposites are not insurmountable barriers but rather connecting threads. Malfatti’s works encourage us to look beyond the surfaces, to dance on the thin line of separation between duality and unity. The exhibition is curated by Antonio Budetta, with the contribution of Samuele Malfatti, a video artist and director, and composer Antonio Agostini, with whom the artist has collaborated in creating some multimedia works.