Offical Opening Aria Art Gallery Istanbul

Aria Art Gallery opens in Istanbul Group Exhibition

21/02/2018 - 05/04/2018

The contemporary art gallery Aria, based in Florence (Italy) since 2009, opens a new exhibition space in Istanbul, in Boğazkesen Caddesi. After 6 years exhibiting at Contemporary Istanbul, the gallery attracted the attention of some of the most influential collectors and curators, leading to open a third gallery in the Turkish capital. In 2016 Aria launched its second space in central London, a city with an international soul and one the most prestigious capital for the new market of contemporary art.

For this occasion Aria has selected some of the artists represented since many years and some of the new artistic discoveries. The Polish sculptor Szymon Oltarzeski that lives and work in Pietrasanta, a small town in Tuscany famous for its quarries of Carrara marble and bronze foundries. The minimalistic and unusual artworks by Angelo Brescianini, using a gun or a rifle to curve different kind of surfaces.

Tarik Berber is a bosnian-italian painter, who in 2017 has realized a solo show in Aria Art Gallery in Florence and Andrea Guastavino a photographer that still works in analog and loves to prepare acid baths in the dark room. Last January Andrea has exhibited a special project at the London art fair.

The Italian artists Pietro Lista and Federico Gori who exhibits drawings made through the oxidation of the copper. Looking at the paintings of Monika Boluda, the prospective change and new shades of colours appear. In addition the dreaming abstractism of Sossio and the material abstract pieces of Lorenzo Malfatti.

Aria Art Gallery will support Turkish art and the community through social responsibility projects such as lectures and workshops supported by the gallery.