Il Secondo Sguardo

Massimo Pulini - Andrea Guastavino Duo Solo Exhibition

29/04/2010 - 31/05/2010

The exhibition intends to present the artistic research of Massimo Pulini and Andrea Guastavino who, with different paths, subjects and biographies, have always the same sight on things and the time that has changed them, and continues to move them or remake them as a sculptor never satisfied of the performance of his work. A painter who challenges mimetically the optical and scientific technique and a photographer who wants to make the alchemist have in common this transversal cut that is not content to seize things but to subject them to forced paths, through unspecified instruments and itineraries, forcing them to change their nature.This is also the reason for the title of the exhibition “Il secondo sguardo” (stolen to a book by Pulini, which combines artistic and literary criticism with the artistic activity), that is, an eye that goes down and returns, collects the scraps of the first view and detail escaped, then mixes them on the same plane in a temporal overlay, which is the vital condition of art, faithful to itself and out of time, yet capable of embracing all ages. The double step, the framing frame, the negative impressed many times, are common experiences in the eyes of these two artists who like to converse with the artworks of the past as with their chosen travel companions. We are therefore in the presence of two nomads of the eye, insatiable “watchers”, thieves of impressions and memories, not always experienced in the first person, but borrowed from history. Artists who chew each image and return it mutated, passed to the acid of a memory that is not the cause of reason, but of feeling, and that as far as they have seen, keep unwilling to scrutinize the world with sensitive eyes to the beauty of each time.

Sabrina Foschini