Carole A. Feuerman's Solo Exhibition

26/06/2011 - 22/09/2011

Aria Art Gallery is honored to present the solo exhibition of the well known American artist Carole A. Feuerman: hyperbodies.
Balancing reality and fiction, the visible and the invisible, the physical and the ethereal, Feuerman is able to immortalize the intangible pose of the human body, taken from our everyday gestures, in order to discover the inner universality of a fleeting moment and its many facets.

The exposition will show resin and bronze sculptures that portray the human body through minimal details, fragmenting its parts, and leaving a wide space for the observer’s imagination.

Carole Feuerman is back exhibiting in Italy: bronze and resins for a journey aimed at the discovery of the real, where the sculptural liet-motiv enriches a contemporary sensitivity, putting into action that power of reality that is possessed by art. The stupefying and hyper realistic works created by Carole are traditional expressions of the artist starting in the 80’s. They are sculptured on molds based on reality, then these resin or vinyl produced figures are oil painted to revitalize all the anatomical particularities with a slavish attention to detail to the human figure. The artist has explored many different sculptural material throughout her work, but in her most recent years has put more emphasis on the use of bronze. Through the use of fire, which is also linked to her name (feuer-man = the man of fire), Feuerman reiterates the technique of dripping by Pollock, working the matter on the floor. The eight works of art in exhibition show a tactile art, a refined eroticism.

Fragments of bodies, which necessitate a pedestal or a fixation to the wall, define how realistic art can be inextricably linked to the abstract, deepening the dialect between the real and the imaginary. The daughter of a Pop-art architect of new perspectives shows the revelation of the senses evolves by means of super-realism, that has deepened through the return to craftsmanship of creating art. It is a show that brings again one of the icons of contemporary art to Florence from overseas, in hopes that the Renaissance city by definition may open itself towards the actuality and the history of the second half of the 900’s. The works of Carole Feuerman are included in the private collections of His Majesty the Imperator of Japan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, the Forbes Magazine Art Collection, and the Caldic Collection – just to mention a few.