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Aria Art Gallery is pleased to present “Booth 21/A”, a collective exhibition; featuring the works of Gencay Kasapçı, Angelo Brescianini, Carole Feuerman, Fabrizio Corneli, Michelangelo Bastiani, Zhuang Hong Yi and Frank Wackerbarth.

“Booth 21A” is the title inspired by the method used at the art fairs to assign a space for each participating art gallery where they showcase their artist’s works. In fact, “booth”, the word origin, date back to the mid-12th century, refers to a temporary structure made of wooden boards, for the sale of various goods. In an art fair, a booth should easily be ndable by the visitors in the network of dierently sized rooms popped up just for the duration of this short event. Therefore, it is followed by a number and/or a letter – just like a number of a building, such an identication system, used to inform the visitors about the exact location of every gallery on the map of the fair, like the map of a city. The number 21/A; chosen for the title is indicating Aria Art Gallery’s street number: Bogazkesen Cad. 21/A. For this reason, the gallery decided to create a collective exhibition that is simultaneously happening with the Contemporary Istanbul, one of the most important art events in the city.

In the last 20 years, art fairs have become increasingly popular and more prolic due to the demand of collectors, gallerists, artists, journalists, and art-goers to attend an event where they can meet hundreds of galleries at the same time, instead of visiting a number of galleries spread throughout the city. Such tendency is in a way decreasing the level of galleries’ activities, and with this project, Aria Art Gallery would like to bring the attention back to the identity of the gallery that is certainly related to its physical location.


Gencay Kasapçı (1933, Turkey): Turkish painter and sculptor Gencay Kasapçı, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul then moved to Florence with a scholarship given by the Italian Government. Then she moved to Rome and started to work there. She attended more than 100 exhibitions worldwide including her solo shows and collective ones and gained many awards. She is the only representator of “Zero” movement, in Turkey. She passed away in 2017

Carole Feuerman (1945, USA): The successful American artist, recognized as a pioneering, inuential gure in the world of hyperrealistic sculpture. Through her sculptures, she creates visual manifestations of the stories she decides to tell: of strength, survival, balance. Working both in size and monumental scale, she is the only gurative artist to paint bronze, hyper-realistically and is the only one to have installed these works under water. Her works, especially the public sculptures, can be seen all around the world.

Fabrizio Corneli (1958, Italy): He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and DAMS in Bologna. His artistic research is based on light and shadow with a synthesis of geometrical calculations and philosophical reections on perception, elaborated with today’s instruments and with the aesthetic language of contemporary times. In 1993 he moved to Germany and create a large solar installation, then create many outdoor installations. He left his signiture works from Europe to Japan. Today he lives and works in Florence.

Michelangelo Bastiani (1979, Italy): Bastiani, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, with a major in Paintings and Photography. Bastiani’s works are composed of interactive video projections and hologram installations on led screens, concentrated on the theme of water. Because of its dynamic nature, water has always been dicult to represent but he solved this conict by creating a tangible interaction with the audience, by turning it into a kinetic process which changes according to the viewer. He lives and works in Tuscany now while attending to exhibitions and fairs all around the world.

Angelo Brescianini (1948, Italy): Angelo Brescianini is famous with his very particular technique: bullets are shot onto metal surfaces from behind, creating impressions of the impact, which turns out to be a whimsical beauty manifestation. These bugs come out of the metal, collect light, creating unexpected and sinuous paths of eeting moments. He passed away in 2016, Angelo Brescianini’s works are now in prestigious private and public collections, both in Italy and abroad.

Zhuang Hong Yi (1962, China): Zhuang Hong Yi has made paintings with ink, mixed traditional Chinese materials like acrylic and oil paint and rice paper. He also creates sculptures and art objects in wood, porcelain and metals. In his dierent pieces of art, of which several of his paintings can be considered 3-dimensional, he brings elements from his Chinese background together with Western impressionist elements since he had his education in China and Europe until 1990. He works in Holland and Beijing now.

Frank Wackerbarth (1969, Germany): He was born in Germany, after a short period he moved to Switzerland and after highschool he started working with a famous photographer. He nished his masters in Design and Carpentry where he learned to use dierent materials and decided to focus on sculpture. His art pieces are mostly sculptures and wall works made from aluminium. His works exhibited all around Europe and New Zeland in many fairs and exhibitions.