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Sabrina Foschini is divided between writing and visual arts, both as critic and curator, as an artist. He has exhibited his works in various Italian and foreign galleries, in particular at the Italian Institute of Culture in London and Berlin. He teaches “History of Fashion” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini. He has collaborated with the monthly Arte, Mondadori (Mi), and with Corriere Romagna, and has been editor of the magazine Graphie of Cesena. It published in 2001 the anthology “Andare per il sottile” for the Ebbebo (BO) paddleboards. For Raffaelli Editore (RN), they released in 2002, the collection of poetry “Il paragone col mare” and the poem “Inno del corpo ricostruito”, in 2006 “ Ragioni della sete” and in 2011 “Terramare”. With Medusa Editions (MI), in 2002 he published the booklet for “Nove gatti” and in 2003 “Due mani di colore”, written with Paola Turroni. In 2007 he recorded with the singer John De Leo the track “Foglie d’acqua”, included in the cd: luoghipersonecose, of the Selvatico review. In 2012 for Moretti & Vitali (Bergamo) published “Voce del verbo”. In 2015 she always cured for Raffaelli, the Spanish translation of the book by Verónica Jiménez: “L’amore non ha niente a che fare con l’amore” and in 2015 for Medusa, the art book for childrens “Fior’avanti e indietro”.