Monika Bulanda

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Born 1983, Cracov (Poland)

Lives and works in Istanbul


Monika Bulanda projects the paradoxes, reflections and exorbitances of past century onto her works. Not only through the techniques and materials used in her paintings, but also via the structural connotations of toile, can be seen, the traces which put forward Bulanda’s artistic practise. However, contrary to her previous series, the artist explores an abstract space rather than material themes, along with ‘journey of the ‘unknown’.

The materials used in the works and the colours and forms changing according to the spectator’s perspective, are as it were, the traces which declare that the act of creation has been democratised. Theoretically, when looked at by different individuals at the same time, the work that each spectator sees by representing only one out of infinite possibilities will offer a new dimension and reality in each instance.



2007- 2008          Beijing Film Academy

2004-2007           B.A. University of Warsaw

2004-2007           B.A. Music Academy of Katowice