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Massimiliano Fabbri was born in Faenza in 1972. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

Fabbri is not only a painter and a designer but also an art critic and cultural promoter. For years he has been working on the activities of the Civic Museum of Luigi Varoli of Cotignola for which he designed “Wild”: a cycle of visual art exhibits to highlight the new local artistic levers. In 1996 he received the Giorgio Morandi Engraving Award from Bologna.

Attention to the natural world of Fabbri, between human figures, animals and plants, he finds motivation in a conscious participation in the development and conformation of the most various forms of life that are translated in painting often deliberately blurred and inaccurate as a symbol of a modern impossibility of adhesion to an elusive, magmatic and incoherent within rational patterns. The pictures on the blacksmith’s screen appear as elusive as those of a damaged TV.