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Lucia Baldini, was born in 1970 in Bagnacavallo, Ravenna.

She began her artistic career in 1990, devoting himself to landscaping, looking for correspondence between man, nature, and cosmos reflecting on their common destiny. The artist investigates these themes through landscape painting and embroidery, printing on cloth, photography on materials such as leaves and fabrics, sculpture with pasta, wool and raw earth. Recent work is devoted to earthquakes, human rights and environmental law. To create a familiar image, tattooing it on the epidermis of a leaf, through a process of simple light impression is for Lucia Baldini a memory act on memory, the execution of a drawing that speaks of the fragility of life and the evolution of memory. The physical and chemical process derives from the sensitive mutation of the pigment of large lanceolate leaves, whose flowering plant is common in Italian gardens.